Teaching For Social Justice Resources

Identifying Bias and Stereotyping in Literature – (Voicethread) The ACT group at McLurg worked with the Teacher Librarian to learn about bias and stereotyping in literature.

Who I Am (Soapbox Speeches and Identity Film) Lesson Plan (High School)
How to Tell People They SOUND Racist(YouTube clip)
Guidelines for Identifying Bias in Curriculum and Materials pdf (Safe School Coalition)
Prejudice and “Isms”: (High School 2-day plan) from Learning From a Legacy of Hate

Teaching Tolerance Website – a MUST to check out. You can access all of their magazines (available in pdf download) here.

LGBTQ Youth Website

  • Top 10 Tips to Creating a Safe Classroom for LGBTQ Youth

Advocates for Youth

Checklist: Creating an Anti-Bias Learning Environment (pdf)
Choosing Multicultural Books for Young Children (newsletter to parents)
Radical Math Site sharing ideas for integrating social and economic justice into high school math classes & curriculum. Check out the videoclip.
A Guide for Integrating Issues of Social and Economic Justice into Mathematics Curriculum(pdf)

Four Directions Website

Sorting People (pbs.org website)
10 Things Everyone Should Know About Race

Diverse Voices: Selecting Equitable Resources for Indian and Métis Education

Recommended Multicultural and Anti-Bias Books for Children
This online bibliography is designed for educators, parents, other caregivers, and children. It features more than 700 carefully selected multicultural and anti-bias books for children.

Choosing Multicultural Books for Young Children (newsletter to parents)

Save the Muslim Girl!
Assessing Children’s Literature discusses how to assess children’s books for stereotypes.


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