Teaching Philosophy

Philosophy of Teaching

Teachers are like Gardeners -Their goal is to cultivate the mind by nourishing, enhancing the climate, removing the weeds and other impediments, and then standing back and allowing growth to occur.

To allow growth to occur I believe that it is important to get to know our students so that we can better understand what their needs are. Getting to know students is a way of gaining mutual respect between students and the teacher and also establishes trust with your classroom.  From my own schooling experience I know that it is difficult to focus and understand something when it means nothing to you. When given the opportunity to teach I feel that it is vital to my planning that I go the extra mile to get to know my students so I can accommodate their needs and also make the proper adaptations that will encourage student engagement and critical thinking.  My idea of responsive teaching includes initiatives to provide anti-oppressive educations and differentiated instruction.

I believe that students should be the main players in their learning journey. Teacher’s purpose is to guide their students and encourage learning and deeper levels of understanding. I believe in essential questions and big ideas. I think that it is important to involve students in everything that happens in the learning process. I believe in letting the students have some control of their education. Teachers the facilitators that make sure the learning is possible for each and every student. All students should have a say in their own learning.




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