Organ Donor Status on Facebook…

I just recently read an article that talks about how Facebook is getting involved in organ donations. People now have the option to commit to being a donor on Facebook. The article also talks about how there is a real crisis in terms of organ donations in Canada. Many of the provinces have turned to using social media and the internet to inform people about becoming an organ donor. Many of the websites also allow you to sign yourself up for organ donation. Saskatchewan’s website for organ donation also has an area that connects you to the Facebook app that allows you to show your friends your personal choice.


Personally I think that having people become more aware of their options of becoming an organ donor is wonderful. There are many people who are in need and an organ donation could save someones life. Is it necessary that we need to let our social network of friends know about our personal choice? Isn’t it enough that our closest friends and family know our wishes? Or is this another way for people to make themselves look like a good citizen through the eyes of their Facebook friends?