Professional Goals

Professional Goals for Pre Internship

Interdisciplinary Teaching

The school that I have been placed with has been known for their interdisciplinary instruction. I think that this will give me an opportunity to learn how to incorporate many subject area goals into one lesson. I think that this is so important in teaching because I believe that when students can make connections to other areas of study they find the learning more meaningful. Being able make connections across the different subjects may help students find a deeper understanding of the big ideas. I have only planned one interdisciplinary lesson this semester so I am looking forward to seeing how the teachers at this school take on this approach to teaching.

Treaty Education

In terms of treaty education I want to be able to take the knowledge that I have learned this semester about the Saskatchewan numbered treaties and infuse it smoothly into my teaching. I want this to become habit and regular practice within my instructional practices. This is something that I want to become well informed about so that my students can look to me for information about Aboriginal culture or treaty education. I plan to try to use instructional methods such as the talking circle and learning by doing within my classroom, These are some of the traditional ways of knowing within the Aboriginal culture and I would like to offer my students the opportunity to experience these different learning ways. There will be a number of students who have Aboriginal heritage and I believe that not teaching to their needs would be inconsiderate and going against everything that I believe about differentiated instruction. Treaty education is important to all students and I think that learning about different cultures will help my students gain a sense of  mutual respect and community within the classroom.


2 thoughts on “Professional Goals

  1. I hope you are enjoying your time in the school. I am curious – have you had a culture bump? My hope is that you will share your story with us when we regroup. Enjoy. See you soon.

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