Tech Task 10 ..Schoology Vs. Edmodo





  • layout is very easy to navigate
  • provides  detailed features such as attendance, quizzes and assignment sections where each student can submit work


  • if the teacher does not change certain settings it is possible for the students to leave random comments on anything that the teacher posts
  • A bit too similar to Facebook layout
  • The codes that students needed to enter a class were very long and difficult to remember.

  • step by step help is provided when you first become a member
  • teachers can personalize their profiles with avatars and other information
  • very easy to set up a class


  • does not have an attendance feature
  • The quizzes feature does not provide a wide variety of question types

Although the two websites are very similar and seem to offer many of the same options we have decided that if we had to choose we would probably choose Schoology. We were impressed with the quiz section and also the attendance feature. It is very easy to navigate and add different courses that students could be apart of. When we first were able to take a look and explore both of these websites we were very impressed, but we felt like we probably won’t use them when we are teachers. We would like to use them, but in most schools there is already an online program set up that teachers use to record student progress and attendance.  These programs that are currently being used are not as detailed as Schoology, but still allow the students and parents access to their attendance and grades.

If we do use Schoology in our classrooms  we would like to take advantage of the quizzes and assignment section as it would allow our students to have access to the class at anytime and anywhere. If a student was sick in bed they would still be able to submit their assignment through the use of Schoology. Overall we think that these websites are awesome and could be a great tool for teachers. It would be nice if the programs that are being used in the school systems were more like Schoology and Edmodo.

-Madison, Courtney, Janelle


Find out What Makes Your Students Tick.

Take a look at the video below. This teacher needed to find something to engage his students. He did just that. He found a way to use hip-hop to teach his students. I would love to do this, use something that we don’t associate with traditional education and turn it into something that helps our students develop their learning in a meaningful, engaging way.


Tech Task 9

Hey everyone, this is my response to a question that is based on the documentary  RIP: A Remix Manifesto

Chapter 3

General: Do you believe that creativity is limited if you don’t have access to tools,
technology or libraries of content (i.e. musical samples or video clips)? Would your
creativity be redirected into another medium, or might it cease to exist without this

Yes I believe that creativity is limited if we don’t have the tools an technology. These things are used to inspire and encourage people to be creative so to say that we have no access is a bit disheartening and quite frankly doesn’t make much sense to me. Apparently money is the only think that matters in this life. It’s disgusting.

In my assessment and evaluation course this semester we have learned about the importance of giving students samples so that they can see someone’s previous work, and possible build off that or make something totally different. The samples are used to inspire students and get them on the right track. If a student copies one of the samples identically I guess you could say that there is a bit of “copyright” issues. But we try to encourage our students to use someone else’s work to create something even better. So when the kids want to do this with music or video they legally will not be able to do this. Its all so confusing and the laws seem to be infringing on a student’s right to learn. Every child has a right to education.

Creative and critical thinkers should be valued in society and as a teachers we are supposed to shape young minds to be just that creative and critical. If our sources of creativity are taken away how do we encourage it in the classroom. The law (government) is contradicting the education system….. which also happens to be the government. Funny how that works isn’t it?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


Tech Task #4

Hi all, here is a video I made  for ECMP 355 with 2 other classmates, Courtney Staples and Janelle Law.

The video was made using Windows Movie maker, I have had experience with this program before, but it was nice to use it again. The program is easy to use, but does not offer a whole lot of options for editing. Hope you enjoy.


Tech Task # 5

Hey everyone here is a photo that I added a quote to and edited for my 5th tech task.

The quote speaks to me as a pre service teacher, because it is true that students have to be involved in their own learning journey. In the end we just facilitate their learning, it is ultimately up to the students to partcipate in their own learning.


Budget Spreadsheet- Tech Task # 3

Here is the link to my google spreadsheet for tech task 3…. I am pretty happy that we learned how to do this stuff in class, it is especially helpful for teachers. I found it very helpful to learn how to enter marks and formulas to make enter grades easy and efficient.  If we don’t learn this stuff in other classes, I wonder how some pre service teachers plan to enter grades and marks? Shouldn’t this be a mandatory part of the teacher education program?


YouTube… YouEverything- Tech Task # 2

Just watched “An anthropological introduction to YouTube”. My initial reaction is woaaahh. YouTube is so much more than just a site of funny videos. People express themselves, connect, entertain and live through YouTube. YouTube is a global community. Its pretty cool when you think about how many people use YouTube on a daily basis and how inspiring and helpful it can be for people. It can do more than just make you a singing sensation. It can make you feel like you belong to someone, it can allow you to be heard. Most important to me it can offer so much to my future students. I can use YouTube to find resources for my lesson planning. Students can use you tube as a way to reflect on their learning and ask questions to other YouTubers about common learnings and understandings. It’s a tool that could be great for educational purposes.

On the other hand there are negative aspects to this YouTube craze. Cyberbullying, rude comments, inappropriate content. This negative stuff makes me weary as a teacher. I want to be able to protect my students from these bad things. By protecting my students I could also be ruining opportunities to embrace the many positives of YouTube.  So as a teacher I think that it’s important for me to give my students the information and skills they need on how to properly use this tool. It creates so many possibilities for my students and most likely many of them will be using YouTube anyway.

Although currently I use YouTube, I think I have much to learn about it. I have an account but have only uploaded videos for university purposes. Maybe its time for me to step outside of the box, expand my own learning, see whats out there, try and incorporate it into my teaching and find where this can fit into my personal teaching journey.


About Me- Tech Task # 1

My name is Madison. I am university student currently in my 3rd year of education. I am in the secondary program with a major area of study in Health and a minor in social studies. Along with being a full time student I also have a part time job as a nanny. I used to be very involved with dancing, and I was able to teach young children ballet, through this experience I realised the importance of teachers and what a rewarding profession it is.

During my schooling I was lucky to have been able to use technology as a part of my learning. Computers and the internet were the main things that I used to enhance my learning. I think very highly of integrating technology in the classroom. Why?…. its interactive, students enjoy it, it’s the future, many students know how to use technology so why not let them.

There are many benefits to using technology in the classroom, it is a way of accommodating student’s different learning styles; it can be an awesome source of information and great for research and new learning. Technology also has a downside. There is a negative stigma associated with technology sometimes. It can be dangerous when not used properly. For example cyber bullying is becoming more and more prevalent in society and will probably affect many of my future students. Having the proper technology etiquette and skills can help students avoid this issue.

I definitely plan to use many technological tools to help my students learn. ECMP 355 will give me the skills and knowledge on how to do this. I want to become more comfortable with technology and also learn how to keep my students safe when using these tools. I hope that after this course is finished I will have a wide variety of new tools to add to my teaching portfolio.  I want to be able to impress my co-op teacher during my internship in the fall. Most importantly I want to teach my students to the best of my ability and I think technology will be a major help.