About Me

Hi my name is Madison, I am from Battleford, Saskatchewan. I am a recent graduate of the Secondary Education program at University of Regina. I am currently substitute teaching in mid-west Saskatchewan.

I am a health major and feel very passionately about the area of health education. Currently in Saskatchewan there is a lack of understanding of the importance of health within the school systems. I would like to change this and bring more awareness to this topic. After all, health is the foundation of who we are.

I  am also very intrigued by the practice of interdisciplinary teaching. Students shouldn’t have to learn all of this new information and then try to see connections between their math and English classes. The way that schools are set up, separate subject areas and class periods, hinders the students opportunity to make the important and relevant connections. Teachers should facilitate this connection making and interdisciplinary teaching and learning will support and facilitate finding a deeper understanding in their learning.

This blog is based around my university learning experiences both in the classroom as a student and out in the field as a teacher. I will be using this blog website as a professional portfolio that can be shared with other educators around the world.

Thanks for stopping by!



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