Teachers <3 Technology


This graphic was shared with me earlier this year and I think it’s a great visual representation of the change that is currently happening in today’s classrooms. Being a new teacher just finishing up my education degree this month I have had first had experience with this technology revolution, both as a university student and a pre-service teacher.

Technology is not going away and we teachers need to embrace the learning possibilities that technology offers both teachers and students. Study after study have found that technolgy increases student engagement and therefore productivity in the classroom.

As a teacher I can also see the benefits of online assessment tools, online learning communities and keeping my classroom organized.

If technology going to be constantly evolving and present in our society we as teachers should embrace these tools and encourage safe use of technology in our students rather than confiscating student’s personal devices and associating technology with negative consequences.

( Graphic Organizer- http://bit.ly/143PN9o )