The Impact of Social Media: Connecticut Massacre

Last Friday something awful happened in Newtown, Connecticut.  26 people were killed in a mass shooting, this included 20 children. Of course when news of this tragedy caught wind internationally the media went wild. This is like any other tragedy, it will be on the news for months and posts on twitter and Facebook will be tweeted and shared for a few more months until the tragedy’s after shock will ease.

The people who post , tweet, share, like statuses and pictures that honor those affected in the community of Newtown all mean well and want to help ease the pain that those people are feeling. Do these posts actually help ease the pain that the people of Newtown or do they fuel the fire that will ignite more massacres similar to this? The insane amount of attention that this shooting has received makes me wonder if others who have the intent of getting the world’s attention within a matter of minutes will consider trying  the same approach.  Does all of this attention and constant talk about Newtown  and similar events in Auroura, Colorado just months before make some individuals thrive to achieve the same fame as the person before.

If there were no social media posts about these mass killings would the world be a safer place? Would there be less knowledge about these killer’s murder plots? Would these tragic events be less glamorized and in turn not as likely to be repeated in another community of unsuspecting victims.

In no way am I trying to say that I do not feel sorry for the people affected by this unbelievable act of hatred. I feel just as sorry as those people who decide to share status’ and pictures all over the internet that honor those killed and people who will be forever affected by the events of Friday December 18th 2012. I hope that next time you consider sharing a tweet or post that honors those affected by a tragedy such as this, you think about the consequences of these posts. Think about who those posts will actually affect.



2 thoughts on “The Impact of Social Media: Connecticut Massacre

  1. I am totally agree with you. It is need to think first before posting any post on the social media that what is the impact on the community by your post. Thanks for sharing such awareness post

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