Another Rant about Health Education…

 So I am sitting here studying for one of my university courses in the education program. One of the areas of focus for this course is educational administration. I am currently studying the information we have learned about resources that are provided for education within Canada. Where they come from, why they are important, what affects the amount of resources we receive etc…. Some of the challenges to publicly funded education is the lack of funding. Each province has a budget and so much money needs to go to each provincial responsibility. Health care is taking up a huge amount of money. More health problems = more health care. Makes perfect sense, but I think we need to start moving towards prevention and I think education is the key.

More health education within the schools would most likely reduce the amount of health care needed. People need to become more educated on how to make healthy decisions and properly take care of themselves. Now I am aware that this isn’t the only reason that health care costs are on the rise, but I think that more health related knowledge among our citizens could definitely help. Seems simple right? With more of a focus on health education there would be maybe less money going into health care the provinces could put it toward something else……like education!

Well it isn’t that simple. As of right now our society isn’t into the whole “health” thing.

Health is not seen as a priority in a students education, its been this way for years. Math, science and English take precedence over health education in schools. Apparently its more important to be able to dissect a frog than it is to be able to make healthy and informed decisions that could affect the rest of your life.  I understand that health is important, but why doesn’t anyone else? How can we start to make a change within our schools and within society?

I would love to hear your thoughts and advice!



Good or Bad…. There is always learning to be had

Recently for one of my university health classes all 36 students were to plan, organize and embark on a learning experience together. This field trip was to meet learning outcomes that we had developed as a group. This portion of the class was to help us understand what all goes into planning and implementing a field trip. There were many committees within the class that were in charge of different areas of the field trip. Some of these areas included: budget, transportation, accommodation, food, activities, liability and safety.

This past Monday and Tuesday all 36 students and 2 professors set out on our adventure. In the end the trip was a great success. Prior to and during the learning experience some students were doubting the group’s decisions regarding the trip. Some people complained constantly and others thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip.

During our trip we talked as a group about the importance of place / experience based teaching and learning. After going on the field trip and taking part in experience based learning most of us pre- service teachers were sold on this concept. Learning through first hand experience is a great way to make learning relevant and find a deeper meaning and understanding. In the end there were still some that had negative things to say about the trip. In my own personal reflection I have realized that no matter what happens during place based learning we can still take some learning away from it. Having any experience at all is better than having none. Every experience presents itself with an opportunity for learning. It is up to the learner to decide what they want to do with that learning.  It’s easy to dwell on and regret the not so great parts of the experience we had. What I think we need to remember is that we can always learn from our mistakes our moments of being uncomfortable. The important thing is that no matter what we are always learning from our experience.

We need to remember that if the experience turned out good or bad there is always learning to be had.


Tech Task 10 ..Schoology Vs. Edmodo





  • layout is very easy to navigate
  • provides  detailed features such as attendance, quizzes and assignment sections where each student can submit work


  • if the teacher does not change certain settings it is possible for the students to leave random comments on anything that the teacher posts
  • A bit too similar to Facebook layout
  • The codes that students needed to enter a class were very long and difficult to remember.

  • step by step help is provided when you first become a member
  • teachers can personalize their profiles with avatars and other information
  • very easy to set up a class


  • does not have an attendance feature
  • The quizzes feature does not provide a wide variety of question types

Although the two websites are very similar and seem to offer many of the same options we have decided that if we had to choose we would probably choose Schoology. We were impressed with the quiz section and also the attendance feature. It is very easy to navigate and add different courses that students could be apart of. When we first were able to take a look and explore both of these websites we were very impressed, but we felt like we probably won’t use them when we are teachers. We would like to use them, but in most schools there is already an online program set up that teachers use to record student progress and attendance.  These programs that are currently being used are not as detailed as Schoology, but still allow the students and parents access to their attendance and grades.

If we do use Schoology in our classrooms  we would like to take advantage of the quizzes and assignment section as it would allow our students to have access to the class at anytime and anywhere. If a student was sick in bed they would still be able to submit their assignment through the use of Schoology. Overall we think that these websites are awesome and could be a great tool for teachers. It would be nice if the programs that are being used in the school systems were more like Schoology and Edmodo.

-Madison, Courtney, Janelle