Find out What Makes Your Students Tick.

Take a look at the video below. This teacher needed to find something to engage his students. He did just that. He found a way to use hip-hop to teach his students. I would love to do this, use something that we don’t associate with traditional education and turn it into something that helps our students develop their learning in a meaningful, engaging way.



2 thoughts on “Find out What Makes Your Students Tick.

  1. Great Post Madison!
    There is essentially an infinite number of ways we as teachers can teach the contents of the Curriculum. As the video said, it’s important as educators to “Stay Fresh” with our teaching. The minute we become complacent with how we teach or the medium that we using to teach, we become part of the past and will no longer be able to teach present and future students effectively. This was something that my Co-operating teacher really emphasized to me during my internship. I’ll never forget the one lesson he taught during my internship. He wanted to teach the students about the importance of co-operation and team work during the first week of school. Instead of just talking about it, he came to school dressed from head to toe in his Scuba Gear. He then got one of the students to put on all of the equipment and then try to remove it all within 5 minutes. The grade 7 student obviously couldn’t, so he then got another three students to help the student take off all of the gear in the time frame. With the help of the other 3 students they were able to get all the gear off within 2 minutes. After this he stressed the importance of team work and co-operation with others in order to accomplish tasks.
    Even though this was just a lesson about co-operation (a subject that I’m sure the students have heard a million times before), I believe he was able to teach it in an entirely new way and really engage the kids in his lesson.

    • Thanks Matt. I am currently in my pre- internship and I have observed that many of the teachers have some major issues with the idea of re-inventing teaching. I have noticed that the teachers who are set in their traditional boring teaching groove are having more problems with student behaviour and engagement.

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