Is Kony Balogna?

Tonight in my ECMP 355 class we had a discussion about the viral video Kony 2012.  The discussion was pretty intense, some thought it was a joke, some were very supportive and others think that its horrible that awareness is just surfacing now. My stance on the topic is I think that it is pretty cool. I may not know exactly if I am sold on the whole “lets get Kony” idea… Who knows if the information is correct or what is really going on over in Uganda? I tried to do a bit of research on the internet. These are some of the things I found…

  • Kony is dead and has been for years
  • Kony isn’t in Uganda anymore
  • Kony doesn’t have an army anymore

Needless to say this information isn’t all that important. Yes the story may seem a bit fishy and yes there are tons of people who think the whole thing is a scam. Hey maybe it is ….right?

…but the reason that I think it is amazing is because I am taking the time out of my Monday night to write about it and millions of others around the globe are probably doing the same.  Regardless of what anyone thinks, their opinions cannot change the fact that  this video has made a huge impact on the world. 74 million views on Youtube in just a few days. Wow the power of social media is changing the way the world works. 

Even if the video does nothing to help track down Joseph Kony, it has raised awareness of something.  This just shows how easy it is to bring awareness to other things in the world.  There will always be haters who think that there should be more awareness brought to issues on our own continent. This video shows you exactly how these issues can be addressed. Why don’t the haters take some action and raise awareness of these more local issues instead of criticising one group’s attempt to change a little bit of this crazy world.



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