Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels….

So last night I was wasting some time, looking at things on Pinterest. I came across some pin boards through a friend of a friend and I saw this image  pinned to her “motivation pin board”

My initial reaction was sadness, and disgust.  What has our world come to? After staring a the image for a few mins I typed the phrase into Google to find the next image below

What is wrong with this picture?  Sad isn’t it?

How do we promote self-worth, positive self-esteem, identity and body image to our students if the people who they look up to have issues themselves. We need to be positive HEALTHY role models for our students.  Although I have my own insecurities, as most people do, I think that it is important to promote healthy lifestyles for our students….. not unrealistic ones. We should not be promoting  a message that tells girls that they have to be skinny to succeed in this world. It makes me wonder how we will be able to change the way little girls think about themselves. Especially if many of the adults they look up to for support cannot conquer their own body image issues.


4 thoughts on “Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels….

  1. Yes, this is indeed saddening. I guess that as teachers we can only bring that subject up with our students and hope for the best. It is interesting, how people look at these things. I am facilitating a girls group for YWCA (Healthy Relationships program) and one day we were talking about body image and self-confidence. I told the girls that I think I should lose weight only for health purposes, but I don’t have any motivation because my husband likes me chubby. All of them “awwwed” and said they envy me my husband. But… shouldn’t is be obvious that my partner loves me the way I am???????

  2. I had to read this like three times before I actually believed it.. It is really sad that they put that kind of thing on t-shirts. Nice blog!

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