Burnout Beware!

Found this article on the CTV website. The article suggests that doctors may be able to detect burnout in people before it actually happens.  As a pre-service teacher I thought that this was very interesting as teachers experience high rates of burnouts.  I think that it would be great to prevent this high rate of burnout. My question is, how do would you know when to go get tested? when you feel stressed? It could be kind of strange to say ” I need to go get tested for stress”.. its a bit odd, but the article is interesting. Take a look!


– Madison



2 thoughts on “Burnout Beware!

  1. This is a very interesting article, I wonder how many people will use this type of testing to their advantage? I agree with you that it might feel a little strange getting tested for stress. Doesn’t a person know whether he or she is stressed without having to get tested? However, this type of testing may be beneficial for us pre service teachers because we are often warned about how stressful the first few years of teaching are and how often teachers experience “teacher burnout”. Teacher burnout is defiantly something I want to try and avoid, I remember doing a lesson on it for ECS 300 in Ken’s class that explained different ways a teacher can conquer burnout. Visit my blog and response to this article to see different ways a teacher can deal with stress and teacher burnout.

    – courtney

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