The onus is on us..

In my ECS 310 class, my prof made the statement that “The onus is on us to change the education system.”

Ever since university has started I  have felt  like the teacher education program has emphasized the importance of implementing new ideas and ways of teaching into our practice. I understand that  as teachers we have a very important role to play within our society. We have the ability to change lives, for better or for worse.

Because of my awareness of this huge influence that will have on my students I am starting to feel a little bit of pressure. Pressure to be the teacher that I strive to be. I want to be able to make a positive educational experience possible for all of my students. I feel like the common theme that comes up in our university classes is that most of us pre services teachers feel unprepared to accomplish the task that our professors have set out for us. We feel like we are responsible to change the world.  I would love to be able to accomplish all of these great things that my teachers have encouraged me to do, but at this moment in time I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the journey I have ahead of myself.

The quote mentioned earlier only re-enforced my idea that we are supposed to be changing the world. I feel like I have a huge responsiblity.  I am sure that with time and experience I will be able to achieve many of these teaching goals that I have.  Just something to think about. Do any of you feel the same?

– Madison


2 thoughts on “The onus is on us..

  1. One of my ed profs once said not to strive to be the “best” teacher because the “best” teacher does not exist. Strive to be the “good enough” teacher that is good enough to reach all of their students, good enough to strive for students success, and good enough to incorporate new ideas.

    • Yes there are some profs that are very aware of our overwhelming reaction to our new learning. That’s a great quote, something that is important to keep in the back of my mind during the first few years of teaching

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