Role Models VS Models

Recently I have been involved in planning a lesson on identity, body image and the effects of media. What I have found makes me wonder if we are teaching our students to be critical enough of advertising.

  • do our students know the health risks of plastic surgery?
  • is it realistic and healthy to diet and exercise 3 times a day?
  • do the models actually look like that in real life?
  • what is photoshop? how does it distort reality?

I read another blog that also talked about media and its effects on society

This post just made me realize how much media can effect us, as a young lady I am also influenced by media.. its hard to be critical of the advertising if you don’t know how to be. I think it is important for teachers to teach our students how to be critical learners.

This is just one example of how degrading and influential media can be. It is an ad for DOLCE & GABBANA a very popular name in the fashion industry and Hollywood.

What does this look like to you?

To me it looks like a glamourized scene of a group rape

And this is what our students see?  The image portrays that women are weak and that men are strong and have power over women. It also gives the idea that sexual abuse is “cool”.

This is why we need to teach our students to be critical of what they see in their favourite magazine.



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