Blogfolio in the Works!

Hey everyone!

So I have started adding more things to my blog I have a few different pages now that include,  a huge page full of educational resources for teachers, a portfolio from an ECS class, and my own teaching philosophy. Please feel free to check it all out and let me know what you think!

I plan to keep developing my pages as I come across new resources and also create more work. I will soon be adding some of my lesson plans and unit plans. Stay tuned.

– Madison


I feel a change comin’…..

Students protesting at parliament because of lack of Aboriginal education. This is awesome. It’s nice to see that teachers are letting their student’s know about the issues in the education system. Awareness is the first step, and its good to see that some people are beginning to take action.

To see the video- click the link below


Happy winter break!


Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels….

So last night I was wasting some time, looking at things on Pinterest. I came across some pin boards through a friend of a friend and I saw this image  pinned to her “motivation pin board”

My initial reaction was sadness, and disgust.  What has our world come to? After staring a the image for a few mins I typed the phrase into Google to find the next image below

What is wrong with this picture?  Sad isn’t it?

How do we promote self-worth, positive self-esteem, identity and body image to our students if the people who they look up to have issues themselves. We need to be positive HEALTHY role models for our students.  Although I have my own insecurities, as most people do, I think that it is important to promote healthy lifestyles for our students….. not unrealistic ones. We should not be promoting  a message that tells girls that they have to be skinny to succeed in this world. It makes me wonder how we will be able to change the way little girls think about themselves. Especially if many of the adults they look up to for support cannot conquer their own body image issues.

Burnout Beware!

Found this article on the CTV website. The article suggests that doctors may be able to detect burnout in people before it actually happens.  As a pre-service teacher I thought that this was very interesting as teachers experience high rates of burnouts.  I think that it would be great to prevent this high rate of burnout. My question is, how do would you know when to go get tested? when you feel stressed? It could be kind of strange to say ” I need to go get tested for stress”.. its a bit odd, but the article is interesting. Take a look!

– Madison


The onus is on us..

In my ECS 310 class, my prof made the statement that “The onus is on us to change the education system.”

Ever since university has started I  have felt  like the teacher education program has emphasized the importance of implementing new ideas and ways of teaching into our practice. I understand that  as teachers we have a very important role to play within our society. We have the ability to change lives, for better or for worse.

Because of my awareness of this huge influence that will have on my students I am starting to feel a little bit of pressure. Pressure to be the teacher that I strive to be. I want to be able to make a positive educational experience possible for all of my students. I feel like the common theme that comes up in our university classes is that most of us pre services teachers feel unprepared to accomplish the task that our professors have set out for us. We feel like we are responsible to change the world.  I would love to be able to accomplish all of these great things that my teachers have encouraged me to do, but at this moment in time I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the journey I have ahead of myself.

The quote mentioned earlier only re-enforced my idea that we are supposed to be changing the world. I feel like I have a huge responsiblity.  I am sure that with time and experience I will be able to achieve many of these teaching goals that I have.  Just something to think about. Do any of you feel the same?

– Madison

Role Models VS Models

Recently I have been involved in planning a lesson on identity, body image and the effects of media. What I have found makes me wonder if we are teaching our students to be critical enough of advertising.

  • do our students know the health risks of plastic surgery?
  • is it realistic and healthy to diet and exercise 3 times a day?
  • do the models actually look like that in real life?
  • what is photoshop? how does it distort reality?

I read another blog that also talked about media and its effects on society

This post just made me realize how much media can effect us, as a young lady I am also influenced by media.. its hard to be critical of the advertising if you don’t know how to be. I think it is important for teachers to teach our students how to be critical learners.

This is just one example of how degrading and influential media can be. It is an ad for DOLCE & GABBANA a very popular name in the fashion industry and Hollywood.

What does this look like to you?

To me it looks like a glamourized scene of a group rape

And this is what our students see?  The image portrays that women are weak and that men are strong and have power over women. It also gives the idea that sexual abuse is “cool”.

This is why we need to teach our students to be critical of what they see in their favourite magazine.


Tech Task #4

Hi all, here is a video I made  for ECMP 355 with 2 other classmates, Courtney Staples and Janelle Law.

The video was made using Windows Movie maker, I have had experience with this program before, but it was nice to use it again. The program is easy to use, but does not offer a whole lot of options for editing. Hope you enjoy.