Texting… teach on it.

This post is in response to Amy’s “No Texting In Class”.

I read Amy’s post about texting and watched the short video clip that was attached and this is my quick response.

As pre-service teachers who are currently students we know the importance of our cell phones. Communication and technology is the future. We now need these things in our lives, we have began to rely on them. Just as I am sure when the TV was invented some people may have been appalled and revolted, but now it’s a part of our existence and everyday lives.

As a teacher we should embrace these tools. If all of our students have cell phones in class, we need to adapt to that. We shouldn’t punish them for using technology, there are resources on the internet that allow us to use cell phones in our lessons in a productive way that will benefit our students learning.

Here is a site that can be used in the classroom to text answers, this could be used as a review tool  to see where are students learning is currently at before we begin the lesson.


Let me know what you think



One thought on “Texting… teach on it.

  1. I like your perspective, and certainly agree that texting can have a place in the classroom.
    Last week I found a really neat review game that involves placing the students in two teams, and using one cell number on each team, texting a question to both teams at the same time, and the first team that texts back with the correct answer gets the point. It’s the same idea as a Jeopardy, and really not difficult, but I have a feeling high school students would love it and help them get really engaged in the review!

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