YouTube… YouEverything- Tech Task # 2

Just watched “An anthropological introduction to YouTube”. My initial reaction is woaaahh. YouTube is so much more than just a site of funny videos. People express themselves, connect, entertain and live through YouTube. YouTube is a global community. Its pretty cool when you think about how many people use YouTube on a daily basis and how inspiring and helpful it can be for people. It can do more than just make you a singing sensation. It can make you feel like you belong to someone, it can allow you to be heard. Most important to me it can offer so much to my future students. I can use YouTube to find resources for my lesson planning. Students can use you tube as a way to reflect on their learning and ask questions to other YouTubers about common learnings and understandings. It’s a tool that could be great for educational purposes.

On the other hand there are negative aspects to this YouTube craze. Cyberbullying, rude comments, inappropriate content. This negative stuff makes me weary as a teacher. I want to be able to protect my students from these bad things. By protecting my students I could also be ruining opportunities to embrace the many positives of YouTube.  So as a teacher I think that it’s important for me to give my students the information and skills they need on how to properly use this tool. It creates so many possibilities for my students and most likely many of them will be using YouTube anyway.

Although currently I use YouTube, I think I have much to learn about it. I have an account but have only uploaded videos for university purposes. Maybe its time for me to step outside of the box, expand my own learning, see whats out there, try and incorporate it into my teaching and find where this can fit into my personal teaching journey.



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