Stop SOPA?… um yes

Last week my ECMP prof mentioned this thing called SOPA. He explained it a little bit, but I decided to look more into what exactly SOPA is and why people want to stop it. I found this video on Youtube that help explains exactly that.

After watching the video I was able to better understand SOPA and why my teacher is against this bill. Essentially  SOPA is a bill that could change the way the world uses the internet. Quite frankly I like the internet the way it is. As a pre-service teacher I would like to be able to access as much resources for my students and teaching as I possibly can. SOPA could have a negative effect on my future students and classrooms. SOPA could hinder my future student’s learning through the world of technology.




One thought on “Stop SOPA?… um yes

  1. It’s interesting to see the outbursts and support against SOPA that students are sharing with the world wide web. On facebook the other day I seen my little brother who is 13 years old with his profile picture as a STOP SOPA sign as well as a bunch of posts and blogs from both himself and his friends about what SOPA and PIPA are attempting to do and how they are advocates to end it.

    Students from all parts of the nation are banning together talking and advocating against/about such important political issues that WILL affect them. How interesting is that students are getting involved with and learning so much about major political issues?!?!

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