About Me- Tech Task # 1

My name is Madison. I am university student currently in my 3rd year of education. I am in the secondary program with a major area of study in Health and a minor in social studies. Along with being a full time student I also have a part time job as a nanny. I used to be very involved with dancing, and I was able to teach young children ballet, through this experience I realised the importance of teachers and what a rewarding profession it is.

During my schooling I was lucky to have been able to use technology as a part of my learning. Computers and the internet were the main things that I used to enhance my learning. I think very highly of integrating technology in the classroom. Why?…. its interactive, students enjoy it, it’s the future, many students know how to use technology so why not let them.

There are many benefits to using technology in the classroom, it is a way of accommodating student’s different learning styles; it can be an awesome source of information and great for research and new learning. Technology also has a downside. There is a negative stigma associated with technology sometimes. It can be dangerous when not used properly. For example cyber bullying is becoming more and more prevalent in society and will probably affect many of my future students. Having the proper technology etiquette and skills can help students avoid this issue.

I definitely plan to use many technological tools to help my students learn. ECMP 355 will give me the skills and knowledge on how to do this. I want to become more comfortable with technology and also learn how to keep my students safe when using these tools. I hope that after this course is finished I will have a wide variety of new tools to add to my teaching portfolio.  I want to be able to impress my co-op teacher during my internship in the fall. Most importantly I want to teach my students to the best of my ability and I think technology will be a major help.




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